Treatment Costs & Payment Options

We aim to keep our Treatment Costs easy to understand and to keep our Payment Programme simple to follow. We manage our Cost & Payment Programme ’in-house’ ensuring you are provided with clear and concise information which help you to make an informed decision about the payment option you ultimately choose. Our processes are transparent and open, and always clearly documented for you. Patients undertaking Orthodontic Treatment Privately will be provided with a detailed outline of their available Treatment options and also a comprehensive written quote. Our Treatment Coordinator will always spend time ensuring you have everything explained in detail and have all your questions answered.

key features include
  • Treatment Prices are all-inclusive
  • There are no hidden or extra costs along the way
  • Payment in full affords you a small discount
  • We don’t offer ‘credit’ so there are no fees, interest or charges to pay
  • You have a choice of up-front payment or a deposit and monthly instalments

There are no costs or charges for treatment conducted under the NHS. However, children (and their parents) who do not meet NHS requirements may choose to undertake recommended Orthodontic Treatment privately.

price range

All costs are fixed so that you know, from the commencement of your treatment exactly what to expect following your initial consultation and meeting with our Treatment Coordinator.


1st Consultation & records (*) £100
Invisalign records (**) £250
Metallic Braces £2,145 – £3,410
Ceramic Braces £2,750 – £4,125
Damon Clear Braces £3,000 – £4,750
Invisalign Aligners £2,035 – £4,950
Incognito Braces £2,750 – £8,745


Children under 18 who are Not NHS Eligible
Standard Metal Braces £1,715 – £2,200
Standard Ceramic Braces £2,475 – £3,135


Removable Appliance £500 – £1,000
NHS Retainer (Replacement) £65 per retainer
Private Retainer £125 per retainer
Bonded Lingual retainer £250 per retainer


(*) – You may be required to pay a deposit for this appointment at the time of booking it.
(**) – Full amount payable on the day at your appointment. Sundry Items pricing is displayed at each location.


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