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Referring Dentists

For successful Orthodontic Treatment, on-going communication between the general dentist and orthodontist is paramount. We remind Patients of this close relationship and encourage them to visit their dentist at least every six months.

To refer a Patient for an Orthodontic Assessment, please complete the on-line Referral Form below. We will contact your Patient and arrange a convenient appointment and keep you informed of the Patient’s Treatment Plan and progress.

other ways to refer your patients

In addition to the online Form you can send your referrals via:

  • Rego DERS – Secure Electronic Referral (for NHS Patient referrals only)
  • POST – Direct to the Practice: 21 Beaumont Street Oxford, OX1 2NA or
  • FAX – 01865 205 190
our promises to you
  • To provide you with written communications confirming our assessment of your patient and recommended treatment options
  • To refer your patient back to you for any dental work that we require to be carried out as part of their Orthodontic treatment
  • To remind your patients that they need to maintain regular visits with you during their Orthodontic treatment with us.
waiting list information

Currently for our Private Patients there are no waiting lists

For the CURRENT contract year (2022-23), for NHS Patients at our:

  • Oxford Practice there is a 6 month waiting lists to see New Patients and 9 month wait to commence their treatment.  There are limited new Treatment spaces remaining in the current contract year (2022-23).
  • Thame Practice there is a 6 month waiting lists to see New Patienst.  We are unable to commence any new Treatments in the current contract year (2022-23).

AFTER the CURRENT contract year ends (31 March 2023), we will no longer be provding Treatment to NEW Patients under the NHS.  We will continue to provide Treatment under the NHS to ALL Patients who commenced Orthodontic Treatment BEFORE 1 APRIL 2022.

Private Treatment for Your Patients

We can offer your patients a range of private treatment options. Each of our Clinicians provide dedicated Private Only sessions for your patients.

We are proud to be certified Platinum Providers for Incognito Orthodontic treatment.

We are proud to be certified Silver Providers for Incognito Orthodontic treatment

Non NHS Eligible Treatment Options

As you know 35-40% of all NHS patients (children under 18 years) who undertake an Orthodontic assessment are not eligible for treatment under the NHS. We are able to offer these patients a range of private treatment options at significantly reduced costs.

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